Energy performance certificate cost, if you're a homeowner or a potential buyer or tenant in London You may have heard of the phrase "Energy Performance Certificate" or EPC. Are you aware of what is an EPC is and what it will cost you in London? This article will give you an in-depth knowledge of EPCs and the elements that influence their cost, as well as the typical costs associated with getting an EPC in London, energy performance certificate cost

Understanding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

A Energy Performance Certificate is a document that measures the efficiency of energy use in the property. It gives a score of an A (most effective) from A (most efficient) to (least effective) and provides recommendations for how to increase energy efficiency. EPCs are vital for landlords and property owners since they are legally required for renting, selling or building a house.

Factors Affecting EPC Costs in London

Many factors could affect the cost of getting one. There are a variety of factors that can affect the cost to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate in London:

a. Property Type and Size

The dimensions and the type of your home are crucial in what determines the EPC cost. Properties that are larger or have complicated layouts could need more effort and time to evaluate which can result in higher charges.

b. Location

London is a city with a variety of London is a diverse city, and EPC costs may vary depending on the location of your home. In certain regions, there may be more qualified assessors and this can lead to a competitive price and in other areas the price could be higher due to the limited availability.

C. Energy Efficiency Improvements

If your home isn't energy efficient and requires major improvements to get a higher EPC assessment, you could have to make these improvements, which could raise the cost overall.

Average EPC Costs in London

In general, the cost for obtaining EPCs for your property EPC in London is in the band between PS60 up to around PS120 based on the above factors. However, it is essential to get quotes from a variety of certified assessors in order to obtain an accurate estimation for the specific property you own.

How to Obtain an EPC in London

To get a Energy Performance Certificate in London Follow these steps:

  1. Find an accredited assessor: Look for an certified EPC assessor in London. Verify that they have the qualifications to conduct the examination.
  2. Scheduling an Assessment Call the examiner and arrange an assessment for an appropriate time.
  3. Assessment Method: The assessor will visit your home and perform the evaluation, which will include looking at various aspects, such as insulation windows, heating systems, insulation and many more.
  4. Get the Certificate: After the assessment you will be awarded the EPC certificate that includes the energy efficiency score and suggestions to improve.
  5. Validity: EPCs are valid for 10 years, so ensure that you keep the certificate safe in a spot.


In conclusion it is worth noting that the cost of getting the Energy Performance Certificate in London will vary depending on a variety of aspects, such as the size of the building, its the location and efficiency. On the average, you will need to pay anywhere from PS60 up to PS120 for this certification. Making sure your home has an valid EPC is essential when renting, selling or building a new structure in London.


Are EPC required to all homes in London?

Yes An EPC is required for all properties in London at the time they are constructed, either sold or rented.

How can I increase my property's EPC rating?

It is possible to boost your home's EPC rating by making energy-efficient enhancements, including improved insulation or upgrading heating systems and utilizing energy-efficient appliances.

How do you keep an EPC valid for in London?

An EPC can be used for a period of ten years. After that, you could need an additional one.

Do I qualify for an offer on EPC costs in a smaller house?

Certain assessors might offer a reduction for smaller properties However, this may vary therefore it is recommended to speak with an assessor who is accredited in your region.

Where can I find accrediting EPC Assessors in London?

There are certified EPC assessors within London by searching through various directories online or through local property assessment organisations. Be sure that they have the proper accreditation to be able to issue valid EPCs.