Outdoor e-marketing is an enormous market that is increasing. As technology advances, SMD screen, the solutions become more inventive and distinctive, allowing companies to pick specific locations and types of customers at lower costs than traditional marketing tools. It is possible to advertise.

We've all seen substantial electronic displays on the road, but nowadays, there's an affordable alternative for using digital signs outdoors. It's large wall displays, SMD screen.

Video wall?

It's a huge number of LEDs threaded in a one five meter-wide area with more than 2,300 lights per square meter. It offers High-resolution (life-like) colors. The benefits don't stop there. Apart from giving a better and clearer video or image, It also lowers costs.

In the same vein, the diodes are placed on a very flexible bracket that allows them to be folded or folded, reducing the space they take up, typically happening in the context of concerts, and permitting the integration of a thin frame screen in one. The diodes are attached to the TV of the device by using receivers and transmitters.

How do you connect an led screen to the wall?

A video wall for the concert typically takes approximately 4 hours by two people, and it could take as long as 60 minutes to take this wall from the box and play the video test. Savings. Instead of connecting a large television to the structure, all you need to do to build a massive display wall is to attach it to the upper part of your flexible wall onto the upper clamps of the platform and then connect them to the sides as well as the bottom. The tension bars on the rear of the wall define the space.

Wall storage for display

In contrast to the storage issues of a conventional TV wall and the large flat panel displays, SMD screen, as well as frame mounts, a flexible wall can reduce the cost of storage and transport by 79%. This is in addition to the capacity to store the wall on rolls or even folds.

Today, a big TV wall is ideal for all seasons, except for the snow. However, who would want to stand out in the cold and snow watching commercials?

These dust- and water-resistant solutions are priced competitively for general outdoor digital signage options. They benefit from flexible music wall performance, reducing individual time spent working and storage and transportation expenses if the display has to be moved frequently. And the event will prove to be a great marketing tool for exhibitions, fairs, football stadiums, and celebrations.


There is a good chance that those who use the Video wall over a standard thin-frame solution for a video wall can cut down on 75% of the installation time using 79 percent less storage space and save up to 80% on transport expenses. The initial investment is nearly precisely the same as thin-walled technology for video walls; however, any professional organizer or installer can appreciate the benefits of this particular product mustangled.

It utilizes various displays powered by a computer with a high-end processor, which allows the user to get and show more information than older methods. This also results in more efficient and faster decision-making. It also means quicker and better decisions. SMD Screen display systems are more than connected to the computer and wall-mounted displays. They allow access to the data network and can add an unlimited number of options to the wall; while the number of screens expands, it's an error to think the screens are giant and can display more information than before.