The mercedes oil change is among the most essential services that you require to ensure your vehicle is operating in tip-top condition. Best. To ensure that the service is worth it, you need to select the right oil that will work best for your car. What kind of oil is best to your mercedes oil change? To answer this question, continue reading.

Mercedes Oil Change?

The amount of oil required to use on your Mercedes will be determined by the model of engine as well as the climate and various other elements. The manufacturer suggests using an oil made of synthetic, particularly in the case of the latest model from 2009 or later. To ensure that you've got the correct type of oil for your car it’s best to check the owner's manual to find out the exact type of oil you require.


Conventional oil is derived from crude oil, while synthetic oil is produced of conventional petroleum. Synthetic oil is a refined version that is conventional oil. Since synthetic oil is refined, it's cleaner and has higher levels of carrying elements and powder additives, making the oil last for longer.

Is Synthetic Oil Any Better Than Conventional?

Oil changes were needed every 5,000 miles, however now you can travel as long as 10,000 miles (or more) before the next oil change, all thanks to synthetic oils. In addition it is important to note that you Mercedes Benz engine is advanced and requires the best in treatment, that's what makes synthetic oil the best choice for protecting your engine, mercedes oil change. Here are a few more advantages that synthetic oil offers:

Maintains the engine in its almost new condition

It's more efficient during winter. You will have no issues starting the car.

Greater viscosity, less evaporation and better viscosity

More power

Better mileage

Lower maintenance costs

Are There Any Downsides With Synthetic Oil?

There aren't any real disadvantages for synthetic oil. Although some might point out the price however, when you calculate the cost, it is more affordable. Although it's true that you'll be paying more for artificial oil, the product lasts longer between replacements and thus makes up the price, and services.

Can I Use Different Oils?

The use of different oils is not advised. In addition to raising the cost of maintenance in the long term it could also cause damage to your engine. Therefore, it's advised to use the same kind of oil each time you change it.

How About a Synthetic Oil Blend?

Synthetic oil blends everything good in traditional oils and the sophisticated synthetic oil. Since the oil isn't as pure it's priced at a lower price. While you might be tempted to save some money however, you should always choose gold. That's why it's best to choose the full synthetic oil.

In the end there are two main alternatives for oil to choose from. The more expensive synthetic is the best option. If you're in search of an automobile, look to those who are knowledgeable about everything there is to be aware of about Mercedes Benz, Read more: Gargashauto